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Two finger scrolling

Arizona Willie

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For 2 finger scrolling, my two fingers have to be EXACTLY opposite each other. Can't use my index finger and middle finger, easily, because my middle finger is longer and has to be held in a sort of awkard arched position. Best to use the 1st and 3rd fingers. Very irritating that it requires such accurate placement of the fingertips exactly side by side.

But then, I'm not a Touchpad fan anyway ... gimme a good ol' fashioned mouse anyday.

Looking forward to the arrival of my LEAP in May to see how well it takes over mouse / trackpad duties.


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I love my staples. Brought it down and showed him and he said yep i see let me get you a brand new keyboard. done and done. No rmas, no returns, no exchanges just swapped. new one works a treat!


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It works for me only if both fingers are on the pad prior to trying to scroll, which can be tricky to do without accidentally clicking a button. Also, I find the trackpad much to small for it to be worthwhile.


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I am really disappointed in how bad two finger scrolling behaves... Does work if you think about how you are holding your fingers. but whats the point then? Grr...