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Type Cover 2 $40 off at Best Buy


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Just an FYI, and it may not be applicable to many here, but Best Buy is currently running a promo of $40 off Type 2 and Touch 2 covers with the purchase of select Surface tablets.

I ordered a SP2 256GB and was pleasantly surprised when the offer popped up.

I had a 256GB model a few months ago but returned it since the government contract I'm on didn't allow Windows 8 and newer computers remote access. Evidently, that embargo was lifted and I wanted to get back in the game. Best Buy had them in stock (online only near me) and being able to get free expedited shipping, 25% more points and a 45 day return policy helped seal the deal.

Anyway, for those still on the fence it may be a good opportunity. The applicable models were the Surface 32GB, Surface 64GB, Surface Pro 128GB, Surface Pro 2 64GB, Surface Pro 2 128GB and Surface Pro 2 256GB.