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Chances to receive an i5-4300U when buying from BestBuy ?


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Hello everyone,

I'm new here, and for some days I am looking to buy a Surface Pro 2 256GB. I am from Romania and my country does not have a Microsoft Store and the Surface Pro 2 cannot be found or is very expensive at retail stores, like $300+ more expensive than if bought from US with all taxes and customs paid.

The only place where the 256GB Surface Pro 2 seems to be in stock is at Best Buy (there is also a $100+ sales tax). They accept international credit cards and ship to the US so this is fine by me. But my question is, what is the chance to receive the newer Core i5-4300U processor from BestBuy stock ? I tend to use my computers for 2-3 years or even more, so that's why I always buy high-end models and in this case the speed bump of the new processor and virtualization features (I am a programmer) would help me a lot.

Also, does Microsoft Store (US) charge sales tax (supposing I will wait for the 256GB to come back in stock at the MS Store) ?

Thanks !
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In the states Best Buy was the easiest place to be sure to get the 4300u because they would look at the Lot # on the box for you before you bought it. You should be very safe with a 1400 or higher as I think only the 512gb units seem to be having difficulty getting through the older stock of 4200u units.


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I don't know if this helps you or not but when I got a Surface 2 imported from US to UK I was charged £64 import tax...
64GBP is great...my country charges 312USD (200GBP) for the Surface 2 Pro 256GB which is really steep.

I managed to order a lot #1402 Surface Pro 2 with (hopefully) lower tax from a 3rd party vendor, anxiously waiting to arrive...
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