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Type cover 2 issues - Slow scrolling, drag and drop and no recognition


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I have had it up to here with the Surface keyboards. All 3 of them are majorly flawed.

My issue with my only days old Type cover 2 is the following:

- Scrolling is slow and buggy (i own a Surface Pro which has all updated incl. the December fix for new Type cover).
- The official Microsoft keyboard trackpad app won't recognize the keyboard.
- Drag and drop doesn't work and this is one hell of an issue if you ask me.

I've been online with a Surface rep who couldn't help. They're nice and good at giving it a shot, but.... no solution! Is it really fair to sell these accessories, when it seems as if they haven't been tested?

This is a 135 euro keyboard here in Denmark, it's outrageous!!! And i almost had it with all these keyboard. In the beginning i got the original type cover which had ridiculous scrolling and tapping didnt work well because when clicked youre fingers would move on the toucharea and make you click things underneath or above objects. And..... The Touch cover couldn't move the cursor 1 second after scrolling....... I've tried them all and apparently i am fool.

Can anyone help????? PLZZZ!!!!