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Surface Power Cover hiccup problems


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Hello all, I'm having a difficult problem with the power cover. It doesn't happen all the time, but often enough to make me regret moving away from my original Type Cover.


See, it's as if the Alt and or Ctrl button gets stuck. Physically it is not stuck. But it appears to be a software issue. Terrible. It's painfully frustrating when it executes a close internet tab, or worse yet, a Windows shutdown command! You might lose information.

I had a similar issue with the Type Cover 2. This never happened with the original Type Cover. Lastly, tap-and-drag still doesn't work on either the Type Cover 2 or the Power Cover.

Have any of you run into this? Any fixes? The workaround of disconnecting and reconnecting the cover doesn't work all the time. My bluetooth keyboards do not share this problem.