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Type Cover 2 Gestures Disabled Due to Lid Close Options & Power Settings?


Was wondering if anyone can provide some advice as to whether my Type Cover 2 is working correctly or if it’s defective (it’s still returnable for a few more days). The following is occurring on a SP2 (128G, 4200) purchased a few weeks ago and all updates have been installed.

When the lid is closed under different “Close Lid” power options the following occurs:

1) When the “Close Lid“ option is set to “Do Nothing” the Type Cover 2 loses the touchpad gesture features (no two-finger scrolling, no swipe-in from the side, etc.), but the backlighting and keystrokes are still OK. The touchpad gestures can then be reactivated by detaching and reattaching the keyboard. Although a seemingly simple “fix”, this can become a bit of an inconvenience when the keyboard needs to be removed every time the lid is closed.

2) When the “Close Lid“ option is set to “Sleep” the Type Cover 2 touchpad gestures are maintained; but this isn’t the “Close Lid” setting that want to use.

I’ve read quite a few topics regarding the touchpad and keyboard features having similar connectivity issues, but was wondering if the only remedy will be to detach and reattach the keyboard every time the lid is closed (when set to the “Do Nothing” setting).

Could the keyboard be defective or could this be a hardware “bug” that a patch of some sort might be able to fix?

Thanks for any help.