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Type Cover firmware failure, any news?


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I have two SP3's and two type covers. One SP3 has a bad touch screen, but both keyboards work on it. My other SP3 has a perfect screen and neither keyboard works on it. It's not the keyboard. I'd be happy to let you spend time figuring it out. I've tried every thread I can find and have completely wiped the computer and started from scratch. It's a failure.
It just seems so bizarre based on my experience with Surface Pros and I really can't imagine how this is occurring. It must be a one of a kind issue. So sorry you are going through it.


Ah, Surface problems. My wife has a Surface Pro 3 on which the keyboard vanished. Her typecover works with my SP3, my typecover doesn't work with her machine. Can't even use the keyboard in BIOS. What to do?

I just bought an Arteck bluetooth type cover for her machine, and swapped her my machine (since she preferred the Microsoft typecover. The Arteck seems to work pretty well, but I'll know more after a few months.
Reporting back. The Arteck cover works fine, with one proviso. If you want to flip it around and use the Surface as a tablet, turn off the keyboard first, since it doesn't understand that it's been flipped. Otherwise, the battery lasts just about forever and I've had no problems with the BT connection at all.