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Tyoe cover keys stoped working.

Today all of a sudden my Type cover 2 mouse pad didnt worked i did the routine type cover disconnect and connect and now trackpad was working fine but the keys stopped functioning and would not work, checked with device manager even there it was having a problem icon with type cover , i tried connect disconnect multiple times without any luck , tried shutdown and restart without any luck , checked windows update only windows defender update was there so i updated and restarted with the type cover 2 disconnected , then i connected it and it worked. this is the first time this has happened with me , has it happen to any on u before ? what was your solution ?
Just 2 minutes ago I disconnected my type cover 2 to use the device as a tablet on my lap. When i reconnected the type2 nothing worked. I tried to disconnect and reconnect and nothing.
I then tried to sleep the device to see if that would change anything. It took far too long to sleep so I help the power button till it shutdown.
Once it was turned on again, the type2 was working fine.
Not sure what happened but it was like the whole device decided not to work :/