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Type cover won't connect/isn't recognized


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Hi everyone,

I have an old Surface Pro 2 that I am still using as my main computer. After 4.5 years everything is working beautifully EXCEPT in the past couple weeks my Type Cover started being very finicky when connected. It wouldn't work when connected and I would have to disconnect/reconnect/jiggle it in the slots several times before it would recognize the keyboard.

I found a new, in original box cover from an Amazon seller and it seemed to work well at first (maybe just my imagination) but then the same thing started happening and now I can barely get it to connect at all.

From what I can see, there is no obvious problem with the connectors on the bottom of the machine.

Has anyone had this happen, or know of a fix? I am hoping to get another few months out of this machine while I wait to see what the next gen of Surface products looks like. Right now I am using a crummy Bluetooth keyboard I had lying around, but I'd like to get the cover working again.



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Dirt or debris or oil buildup on the connection port is the likely culprit. Clean carefully with the corner of a lint-free cloth (silk) and alcohol, or a lens-wipe.

Watch out for using computer equipment near kitchens or cooking, especially with grease /cooking oil. A layer of oil can be deposited on all surfaces, including ports and touch screens. The same effect applies to areas near hair sprays. Dust also clings to such sticky coatings.

I have found this to be the problem with many intermittent issues.