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Unable to access startup settings


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I need to disable driver protection to install an unsigned driver. Here's what I've done so far:

- shutdown PC
- press vol+ and power on, then disable secure boot
- boot into advanced startup, select "troubleshoot" then "startup settings"
- this presents me with a screen saying press restart to access advanced startup settings
- bitlocker window comes up, specifically saying "you must enter your recovery key to access startup settings"
- I do the above, it accepts the key, then reboots once and goes straight back into Windows

Nowhere was I presented with the option to press 7 to disable driver protection

My Surface Pro2 is up to date with the latest firmware and Windows updates.

What am I doing wrong?


Not wrong, just not everything. Be warned you are treading a dangerous path. You may well brick the SP2. So first make sure you have a full and complete image using something like Reflect. Also make sure you have a working Recovery USB-boot drive to restore said image.

Next, be completely sure you really want to install some unsafe software. While pondering that, consider instead installing a free Virtual PC. The SP2 has Hyper-V available, but there is VirtualBox and VMWare Player also.

Using one of those alternatives will give you a place to mount the scary stuff with almost complete autonomy from the SP2.

Personally, if software needs to be installed and it needs disabling the Secure Boot then I'd look elsewhere for similar software.

OK, having rambled on and if I have failed to convince you, post back here and I can go through the next steps.


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I see in your post you say "driver" and not "program". What type of unsigned driver is your Surface not allowing you to install?

This sounds like it may be a local security issue.


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Hi @New2ToMe

Nono, you convinced me to install to a virtual machine within a few words of your first paragraph.

I'll report back here if I have further issues but doubt I will given that suggestion.

Many thanks



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Erm, well this is embarrassing.

So I had previously turned-off secure boot as per my original post.

Before installing Hyper-V as you rightly suggested, I rolled-back to a previous system restore point, because there was an issue with my VPN giving me an error as of a few weeks ago.

All was fine and dandy, the VPN worked after the system restore, so I proceeded to install Hyper-V.


I'm presented with the following at boot:

Your PC needs to be repaired. Your operating system couldn't be loaded because the kernel is missing or contains errors.

File: C:\Windows\System32\ntoskrnl.exe
Error code: 0x0000000f

You'll need to use the recovery tools on your installation media.

If I hit restart, I'm presented with the screen that allows me to change these settings:

TPM (enabled)
Secure Boot Control (enabled, I re-enabled it just now)
Install Default Secure Boot Keys
Delete All Secure Boot Keys

(I haven't plumpled for the latter two!)

When I click exit, it boots again saying "preparing automatic repair"

Eventually it allows me to enter my BitLocker key, then reboots - only to repeat the same above.

Tell me gently. Do I need to buy a new laptop?


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One vital piece of information I forgot to add. There is an option to enter advanced settings and do a recovery. This seems hopeful. Just have to find a USB keyboard now (don't own a type cover any more!)

Will report back.

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