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Unable to make SP7 boot from USB drive


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I tried the procedure given in microsofts notes: Hold down sound-decrease button and push on power button but it reads my flashdrive (light flashes) but the screen behaves the same as if I did not have the bootable disk in the USB, ie it goes to the screen where I put in my pin and then the standard desktop screen. Also tried to make it look for boot in the USB by changing order of looking for boot drive; followed MS notes: hold down the volume-up button and push the power on button but it boots up normally and does not give me any options to change the drive for booting, Thanks for your help.


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This is an indication of something wrong with the Bootable USB drive. In some cases, it's just a bad copy of the files on the drive or improperly formatted. in other cases, it's the USB drive itself and the solution is to try a different USB drive. Also when creating the USB drive be sure to eject it successfully, don't just pull it out when it says it's done or shutdown the computer to ensure everything is flushed to disk.


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GreyFox7, Thanks for your feed back. I was able to get it to boot from the USB drive by the following: I looked at the microsoft help site some more: support.microsoft.com, at their Surface section. Besides the method I wrote in my first post they also give some method to change the order of where to look for the boot files on start up by modifying some file. Did this:
start/ settings/ update and security / recovery/ advanced startup / choose "restart now' under choose an option/ trouble shoot / advanced options/ UEFI firmware settings / restart/ dragged to put boot from USB first.
It is still a mystery why the other methods I gave in my original post (these are also methods given by microsoft) did not work; but it does not matter.
By the way what I am doing is using a boot disk I made from Macruim software (a software that does backups) so if my computer every crashes again I can boot from this boot disk and put an previously saved image of my harddrive back on the HD.