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Unable to purchase 48W Power Supply for Pro2


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The power supply for my Pro2 has just died, and I can't find anywhere where I can purchase a new one. I went back to the place where I purchased the Pro2 a year ago, and they don't stock them anymore. They are not in stock on the Microsoft website (au), or on the US one, (but I need an aussie one).
There are some dodgy looking adapters on eBay, but I don't want to get one of those in case it fry's my device.

Has anyone got any idea on where I can purchase a new power supply from? Do MS still make them cause they are as scarce as hen's teeth at the moment. If not, does anyone know of any reliable/reputable 3rd party product I can use that won't kill my device?



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Thanks benjitek, I saw one on Amazon, but the buyer wont ship to Australia. The only other ones I can purchase are for use in the US. I'll have to get one of those and use an adapter for so it'll fit our power points here.


The same switching power supply is used worldwide. All you should have to do is replace the cord that goes from the brick to the wall with one with Australia prongs. The brick itself has a standard unpolarized figure-8 style socket on it. It should be pretty easy to find one of these on the cheap.