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I am not sure if this is the right place for this but here goes anyway. I live in Australia we have 240v power my surface came with the appropriate power adapter but the writing on the adapter is so small I cant read it so I don't know if my adapter is multi voltage compliant or not. This is an issue for me as I only bought the Surface in the first place for travel and I am traveling to the US in a few mths for 1 mth. So is the power supply capable of running at 110v I think it is in the US or do I need a US power supply, if it is can I purchase the appropriate plug attachment as mine is removable.



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Should be multi voltage, as this is typical for computer power supplies. My (US) power supply is good for an input of 100-240V, so all you need is a plug adaptor and power supply will handle the voltage variation. I like how the non-US power supplies have the swappable plug attachment. Not sure why the US version is fixed, but I will just use the standard plug adaptors that I have when I next travel overseas.


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Sweet thanks guys I pulled the adapter off of the power supply and have found a standard figure 8 plug so I can just plug in a standard US cord I even have a couple cords lying around so problem solved


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Yes, that's what I did too. IEC C7 coupler.