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Unable to select dGPU in manage 3d settings


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I am trying to select Power director 16 to default to the dGPU. When it starts as I get 0 percent usage when I am editing video and am getting an extreme amount of lag that only recently started happening. In the Nvidia control panel the option to select the dGPU is grayed out.

Any help is appreciated.





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Ok new news. Today ZDNet released an article saying that MS is blocking the Windows 10 May 2019 update on Surface Book 2's. assuming your on a SB2. They blocked the update after it was reported that some machines that received the update and causes the machine not to detect the Nvidia GPU. This may be what is happening to you see if you can see it under display adapters in Control Panel (Device Manager). If not you might have to wait for a fix also if it worked well before and just started happening that is a good indicator also.

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