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Understanding size of items displayed


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I just revived my surface book. so far so good. what is the best way to manage how different elements are displayed on the screen. when i use the scaling feature in the display setting dialog box, these elements do not adjust. i have the opposite problem when i connect to my desktop monitors, screen elements look very large. i understand that this has to do with screen resolution, my question is what is the best way to manage this, i frequently go between docked and unlocked.
thanks in advance for any advice you could lend.


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Welcome to the forum, @stevenB

Start with display resolution, not scaling.
Settings, Display, Advanced Display

For external displays, the physical size of pixels is likely larger than your Surface pixels, so higher resolution (more pixels Length x Width) may be desired.


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its like ether really big or really small. attached is an example of the snag-it menu very small, when i am on my desktop monitor it is very large.