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Unexpected muting issue.

During normal use the Surface likes to switch the volume to mute unexpectedly. I notice it when I can no longer hear the key sounds when I type. Usually I just turn up the volume with the rocker button and turns the sound back on. But one time I had to restart before sound would return. Is anyone else having this issue? I have the 64gb version with touch cover.


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have this issue too. also have the sound distortion when surface plays a sound when "asleep"
There is no sound distortion that I noticed in sleep mode, nor in any other case. I am simply experiencing inexplicable muting. For example, before I finished this reply, I had to go away for a few minutes. When I came back, the unit was muted.


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Have any of you tried a factory reset? I suspect that would e the first thing tech support would have you try.
Per your recommendation, I tried a Refresh (the one that does not affect any of may files). I figure I should try that first, before starting over completely. I haven't noticed this problem just yet, but I will give it a few days to see if anything changes. Thanks


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Good idea to start with that one. Hopefully that will do the trick but usually you have to do the full reset for these sorts of issues and it still might not work :( Maybe somebody will find out if there is a better solution.


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Just exchanged my Surface and have the random muting issue on the new one too!

(The sound distortion issue is out there--elsewhere on this forum. Happens when Surface plays notifications while asleep, to some people at least.)


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I actually have the opposite problem happening; whenever I mute the device and put it to sleep, the sound automatically gets enabled. therefore, I hear notifications in the wee hours of the morning. any fixes out there beside formatting?


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I also experienced the muting issue. I did a Refresh PC to see if that helps. Will post back if this problem recurs. Note that there's a related sound corruption problem (if you listen to music, for example, and the screen turns off, the sound gets randomly distorted after the Surface screen turns off - this happened after the Refresh).


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+1 for me as well. My muting issues seem to come from keyboard use, which I first thought was some sort of an unknown gesture until I found this thread. I mostly see it when using the track pad to move the mouse pointer around.

I also experience random audio "crackling", not on everything, mostly alert/system types of sounds and it is not so much that it is annoying but it is definitely present daily.
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