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Microsoft Surface owners report random sound issues


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The Windows RT based Microsoft Surface tablet has been out for a few weeks now, and its initial reviews have been generally positive. Despite the current lack of enough quality apps available on the new platform, the slate is solid, sturdy, and has good battery life. (Our Microsoft Surface RT review is here.) But it seems like some units might be affected by a strange issue that has yet to be resolved.

There is a thread at the Microsoft Answers web page where a number of Microsoft Surface owners report having the following problem: the tablet's sound output gets muted for no obvious reason. A press of the volume rocker sets the volume back to its previous level, but the mute button gets triggered again sooner or later, either randomly or after the device is turned back on from sleep mode.

Interestingly, it is speculated that the touch cover for the Microsoft Surface might be at the bottom of this as the issue is present only if the accessory is in use. Microsoft representatives have suggested a few solutions, but so far, none of them seem to have helped.

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Early kinks still to be worked out. I can imagine a major update coming in a few months that will address all of these first gen issues. Early adopters truly are the beta testers in this case because Windows RT and RT devices weren't put in the wild before the launch. Only Windows 8 itself had preview editions to start the debugging.

As long as it isn't a hardware issue I have faith that MS will fix the problems.


Just had a "chat" with Crystall at Surface Support on this,
went over a few things .\, updates, apps etc. She suggested a refresh and re install of all updates.
So far so good several hours now and no mystery mute. Before it was every time I went to the desktop and randomly everywhere else.


As J515OP said, I can see a nice update coming out around the same time the Pro version is available.


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I have had this issue on my surface, but hadn't drawn the connection with the touch cover. I'll have to keep a better eye on that.