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Unexpected muting issue.


I to have the same issue, happens with touch cover use, had an extended chat with support which ended with the expected "Refresh".
Seemed to help for a while but it is becoming more frequent again.


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I also have the problem of random muting and distorted sound when a notification sounds while the unit is sleeping.


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I have the same problem. It happens occasionally only when I have my touch cover connected. Tried refreshing, does not help.
This didn't bother me at first but kind of got annoying after a week. I call their support number and got a replacement.


My issue with this has been less frequent of late.
I have been trying to catch when it seems to happen and the only thing I have noted is that it is related to my use of the track pad.


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I also have random mutes- my friend was convinced there were volume controls in the black bezel where his thumb was LOL! It would be a lot funnier if my surface didn't do this...

Maybe I'll try to get a replacement too? Lots of work for something that should be fixed with an update or something..


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When my Surface is asleep it still plays a sound when a new email arrives. I've never had a mute problem.