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Unexpected shutdown while in sleep mode overnight


Quick question, even after a FULL RESET (factory default) I have to do the steps above?
Yes. For some odd reason with every update released by Microsoft files related to that particular fix are corrupted. I just had my machine replaced again for the 3rd time and after starting fresh and doing the updates I did the fix immediately. Everything checked out good and performed flawlessly however; after this past update on (4/19) / (4/20) I ran the sfc /scanow again just to see what would happen and files have once again been corrupted.


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Have you done the DISM process explained above?
I do DISM to do Component Store cleanups on a regular basis; however, I've stopped doing sfc /scannow because recently it has interfered with my logon process and made it slower.

Nevertheless, even if there is some known procedure to fix the issue--however convoluted or simple it may be--then Microsoft needs to incorporate that into their Update procedure. I can understand if an Update just broke something and a fix is not out yet, so for those who can't wait, try manual procedure X.

This is not the case with the Sleep issue; it is not new. MS needs to get this resolved without owners having to either forgo features or go through some sort of hack/procedure.