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Unresponsive touch after restart

I have an annoying problem that I thought I saw mentioned a couple of weeks ago, but I could not find with a search. Anyways, sometimes after rebooting my SP3 touch does not work once I reach the MUI desktop. Touch works fine to log into the machine, but once I get to the desktop touch stops working. The simple fix is to press the Windows softkey. The screen flashes for a split second and then touch works. It almost seems like Explorer crashes and restarts, but it only takes a moment to reset.

It only happens after a restart and it's totally random. I tried restarting the machine about 20 times last night to see if there was a pattern and there does not appear to be any. The issues happens every 8-10 restarts on average. It's not a big deal since I rarely reboot (maybe once a week). Anyone else seeing this?


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It has happened to me too, but seems to go away after 10 or 15 seconds and is random. I just wait and then everything is fine. Maybe some optimization thing running in the background? One day I will try to bring up Task manager and see what's hogging all the resources.
It is explorer.exe. I have that sometimes too ( 1 out of about 30 starts). You can see the error in the reliability index (using charm bar, search "reliability"

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