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Update to 8.1? Yes or No


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I just picked up a Surface Pro 2 for my wife and a Surface RT for myself and my father in law this week and we have really enjoyed using them so far.

We both have laptops that are 7 Pro, so we are slowly learning 8. I was updating the new toys and found the 8.1 update in the store. After reading that a lot of people here have had issues with 8.1 in the past, have they fixed the issues with the new release?

We are having no issues with our machines at this point that we know of and usually wait on new OS to be released for a few months before upgrading so all of the bugs get worked out.

Has everything been fixed with 8.1? Should I wait a little longer before upgrading?

Thanks in advance.


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No, it's fine now. The major issues for 8.1 RT were addressed the first few days after it was released.

Update to Windows 8.1 from Windows 8 - Microsoft Windows

Edit to add: you can look online for the differences if you're not sure you want to. One of the biggest things with 8.1 RT is the addition of Outlook. Really the only reason the average user might want to stay on 8.0 RT is for IE10 instead of IE11, if a very important website happens to be incompatible with IE11.
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