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Windows RT 8.1 Preview Update


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So I just got a Surface RT, and I was very excited to update it to 8.1 Preview, and then... the Microsoft site says the preview isn't available anymore? I really don't want to wait over a month for 8.1 to come out. Does anyone happen to have the MSU file that updates RT to 8.1 Preview? I've scoured the net and can't find it :/

It should look like Windows8-RT-KB2849636-arm-msu or something like that. Really pissed that they pulled it right before my Surface arrived.
I know there isn't an ISO, but there was a small MSU file that you had to install for Surface RT that basically made the 8.1 Preview show up in the store.
Ah. According to the MS instruction page, you should see a "Get the update" while visiting with your Surface RT, I guess?
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Obviously I can't verify on my own RT since I'm not on it, but I'm also waiting for the official push install anyway. Maybe someone else can help if you still can't find it.

(Edit to add: I wonder if you're supposed to do all the previous firmware updates and patches first before getting 8.1.)
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Well, I found the file. I had installed all previous updates already. I installed the 8.1 update and it finished and rebooted. When it took me back to the start screen, it said "8.1 is available! Go to the store?" and I said Yes, and it took me to the store, but just the main page, with no 8.1 update. I suppose they took it down. Oh, well. I'll wait for release. A month and 2 weeks or so. Thanks anyway.