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Upgraded to 8.1 and now my micro SD card has disappeared


I upgraded to 8.1 and now my microSD card is not showing up in my computer.

I checked for windows updates and nothing found.

I looked in device manager and there are no yellow exclamation marks. I scanned for hardware changes and nothing detected.
I'm not sure which device is supposed to be the sd card.

Any ideas?

So, I tried reinserting the card a number of times incase the contacts were dirty or something, but no joy.
I put the card into my phone and the phone said that the sd card was damaged and asked if I wanted to format it. I said no as I didn't want to lose the data and I thought I'd try and read it on my home laptop and copy the files off it.
I put it back in the SP and now it is detected and I can read the files OK.

I will copy the data off it and reformat just in case, but kind of weird that once the phone (Galaxy Note 3) tried to read the card and said it was damaged, the SP was able to read it OK.
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wow no response i'll look into it i have the same problem... and no i don't have a surface... its ironic Microsoft is having issues with windows 8 on their own tablet!


I've not had issues with any of the SD cards in my laptop, netbook, Dell Venue 8 Pro or SP3 - all of which are running Win 8.1.