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Upgrading to 8.1 Killed Text Entry Here on 2 Different SPs


I upgraded my old SP to 8.1 and lost the ability to post here. On-screen keyboard flashes and text jumps around, deletes itself etc. I have had long standing WiFi stability issues with that SP and that was the final straw. I made an appointment at the MS store 2 & 1/2 hours away, went there,wated an hour past my appointment till they called, and exchanged the SP. Spent 3 days rebuilding. Updated the new SP (which has been stable on WiFi for 3 days) to 8.1.

The new SP won't enter here either - same jumping around deleting text flashing characteristics as the old one. Attached my Type Cover and it is the same. This is the only place I have seen this behavior, although Google was a pain on the first SP when I first loaded 8.1 and Gmail became slow to load on both, which is clearly just Google inc being evil.

Anyone got a solution?

P.S. Type cover wasn't attached when upgrading, but don't see how that would affect on screen keyboard.

Typed on my Kindle HD 8.9. Which continues to work better on the web than either SP ever has.