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USB charge cable

Wayne Orwig

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Has anyone seen a USB to Surface Pro power cable?
Yes, I know that would be 5 volts in, and 12 volts out. And even if it worked, you would be lucky to get 10 watts or so of SLOW charge.

I'm asking, because I recently was at a location for a couple of days with my SP3, and no charger. I had my sleeve and a mouse. No room for the charger. I had a lot of USB cell phone chargers handy, including one in the car. So after about 1/2 days use, I was off until I got home to my charger a few days later. It would have been nice to have a simple cable in the sleeve with the SP3 that would have revived the battery over night.

I may try to fabricate one, just to see if it can be done at all.


This is a USB-C cable.