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USB drive compatibility issues


Has anyone experienced any compatibility issues when using certain USB flash drives with the SP3?

My SP3 sometimes does not recognize my 32gb Transcend USB flash drive and I have to keep inserting and removing it until it finally recognizes it. However it usually recognizes my 8gb Sandisk USB flash drive. Normally I would just think that there is something wrong with my Transcend flash drive but my desktop computer never has any issues recognizing it.

Is the SP3 USB drive just more sensitive? Has anyone else experienced any compatibility issues with flash drives?


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I have pile of USB sticks... some I bought, some were free with this or that... went through them the other day to see what was what... no issues with any of them being recognized. A couple that were thin client images it didn't like much but it "recognized" them.


I have a couple OCZ USB 2, several Patriot USB 2, and several Patriot USB 3 - all recognized


I have to stop referencing my links to Amazon:)

BTW how did the Hawkings unit work out?

Since I'd have to boot from a USB to do what I wanted, I never hooked it up. USB booting seems to be a not-so-dependable thing with the 3.
The Hawkins unit sits with the rest of my "seemed-like-a-good-idea-at-the-time" items...;)