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USB or Bluetooth Mic for SP3 Speech Recognition


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Hi. I am looking to place a wireless usb or bluetooth microphone in my car for the speech recognition program on my SP3. I am only able to find ones for phones (maybe this is my only option) and am really in need of this since I am a mobile consultant and the factory built-in microphone is not very accurate with speech translations. Thanks!


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If you're planning on using this while driving, I'd think noise (road noise) is gong to be a problem.
unless you can mount a boom in your car to position the mic a headset might be the better alternative although it would likely be illegal to cover your ears with a headset you might get away with it around your neck with the mic positioned appropriately.

here are some recommendations for Office Headsets with noise canceling mics.

If you want to sound the best... Recording Better Sounding Audio on Your PC | | Que
You might need


Or maybe a blueicicle

Traditional mics http://thewirecutter.com/reviews/the-best-usb-microphone/

The 9 Best Microphones for Voice Over Work

The Top 10 Best Computer Microphones in the Market

Good luck ...
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I want to buy a new USB Microphones for Home Recording
I have now Samson Go
I think to buy this one - Apogee microphone
what you think about this?

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