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Bluetooth microphone confusion

I'm often using my bluetooth headphones (Motorola S305) with my SP, and am able to get audio to work just fine, but it's the microphone that seems to be an issue.

When I try to set up the microphone in the Microphone Setup Wizard, I only see the built-in SP mic to select as an option.

When I view the Recording tab of the Sounds panel, it shows the S305 as a recognized device, but not necessarily as a microphone.

When I use Skype, Skype recognizes the microphone, and the S305 is the selected microphone source (I tested this).

When I use another Rosetta Stone, Rosetta Stone only recognizes the SP microphone, not the S305 mic, but the SP will play audio on the S305.

What do I need to do to get the computer, Rosetta Stone, and any other future programs to recognize the S305 microphone as a microphone?

Just to clarify from the title, it's the SP that has the confusion, not me. :)


Thanks for the info. You would think they should work. It's not like I built a pair of bluetooth headphones in my garage and am expecting them to fully function with the OS.