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USB to Ethernet adapter compatible?


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This one perks interest for me. Has anyone had any experience with using a 2.0 USB to Ethernet adapter and had success?


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There was a driver posted a while ago, but MS asked the provider to remove them, you might be able to still locate it though. The driver was for those that used ASX Chipset (which is most on the market).


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My suggestion would be to get an inexpensive nano router, maybe TP-Link. It will act as a booster, repeater or WiFi to Ethernet router.


I have a USB to Ethernet adapter and the Surface recognizes it by name but says there are no drivers available.
I just tried my already old Nyko NetConnect USB to Ethernet that I use for my Wii. Installing the drivers that were posted somewhere else this actually works.
Nyko NetConnect item#87024-E14. If I have some time I will post a picture of it. I think I bought this at Newegg or Amazon for ~$10.

the drivers to look for are AX88772B_772A_772_WinRT_Driver_v3.16.0.1807


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I posted the following in the Accessory Compatibility thread this morning. In retrospect, it fits better here:

Originally Posted by R0bR: "LAN9500 USB 2.0 to Ethernet 10/100 Adapter: Not Working - it is recognized by name in device manager but drivers not available."

R0bR --

Have you tried the drivers posted above? (AX88772B_772A_772_WinRT_Driver_v3.16.0.1807)

I am using a generic WII LAN adaptor (Model HC-WII076) with this driver set, and it works for me. I get Ethernet connection to my home network.

I found the drivers with online search (also have them if you can't find) and used the instructions at this link: Wired Ethernet Connectivity for the Microsoft Surface*|*Plugable

Also using: Creative D80 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker & Microsoft Bluetooth mouse.