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USB Ethernet adapter


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I have the surface pro usb ethernet adapter. When I connect it to the tablet there is a yellow exclamation mark 0n the adapter and it does not function. windows update should provide appropriate software, but I can't find any software.
What must I do?


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No you said you have the Surface Pro Ethernet Adapter, people have attempted to use it on RT along with other USB Ethernet Adapters. If it is showing the yellow "!" then it is one of two possibilities, bad hardware or the drivers didn't load properly. I would Uninstall the adapter using Device Manager and have it remove the drivers as well, reboot and plug it back in while connected via your wireless network and allow it to reinstall the drivers (If you are using Kaspersky AV disable it before reinstalling). If that doesn't work, make sure you've loaded all of the Firmware Updates as one was related to the Ethernet Adapter. If that still doesn't fix it I would RMA the adapter for a new one as it would be hardware related.


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Sorry, did not help. I removed the adapter from the device manager. After re-installing there was a searching on the internet for a driver, but that could not be found.


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No, that did not help.
I have tried to install the adapter on my desktop. That worked immediately. then I copied that driver to a directory on my surface Pro and choosed "Renew driver". I choosed"Search on my computer and named the directory but again there was a refusion to install.
my conclusion: The hardware is functioning but does not function on my Surface Pro.


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Is 8.1? i know that display link. 8.1 beta. drive does not work with the Ethernet yet. Was going to try my dell Ethernet but noticed this. Not sûre if this has anything to do with your situation but thought i would mention it.


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I know this is somewhat off-topic and not what the OP was asking in the first place, but it seemed (to me) to be more efficient if I asked my question which concerns the Ethernet adapter. I know that the one that MS has listed on its Surface Accessories page is for the Pro. But does this mean that the RT cannot use any kind of Ethernet connection at all and must solely rely on Wifi?
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