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Using an external monitor


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I've just ordered a mini HDMI to HDMI
AND HDMI to DVI adapter so i can plug my surface RT into my desk monitor

has anyone done this?

can i have a dual screen setup and will it use the full resolution of my external monitor or just mirror?


I did this yesterday with my microhdmi to hmdi cable and a hdmi to dvi-d-adapter. Works like a charm: You can set this up like on any windows machine: just 1 desktop (1 or 2), mirror and extend. The full resolutions of my TV and my monitor were supported (1920x1080 and 2048x1152). However extended-monitor setup is a little bit tricky in daily use, since one area has to be in desktop mode, while the other is in modern-ui-mode. Switching which shows what is really ... special. Two tips: Get used to the special tricks and use a mouse our the touch-pad - the cursor isn't showing on the second screen, if you want to use the touch-screen in mirror-mode.
I'm thinking of doing a how-to or look out for some video, explaining this.
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Oh thanks for the tips, sounds like an odd system.
Though its cant be as annoying as on MacOS - if you make one app full screen it disables the other screen - MADNESS!!
The other day, I connected the surface to a projector. I used it to mirror what I did on the surface. Unfortunately the resolution of the projector was below what was necessary to start metro apps. (maybe just a wrong setting from my part)
So I could only show the start and lock screen and the desktop.

Apart from that everything worked fine.

I used the VGA Adapter and connected to 16:10 (1920x1200) projector at a client's site and in Mirror Mode it would only do 1280x720, couldn't open any of the Modern Apps, had to extend and it worked fine....I don't think the projector could handle 1366x768...