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Using for PowerPoint presentations

I apologize if this has already been answered, but I must not be searching on the right terms.

I am considering purchasing a Surface Pro 3 for use in delivering PowerPoint presentations. For it to make sense, I need to be able to connect both a projector via VGA connector and a remote control slide advancer (a/k/a "the clicker") via USB.

1. Has anyone used the SP# successfully for this purpose?

2. It seems to me the easiest way to do this, given the SP3's one USB Port is to connect a mini-hub to that and then connect a USB to VGA adapter to the minihub and a USB driven clicker to the minihub. However, I am not sure the VGA device would get a strong enough signal this way or that you can have an input and an output signal running through the same port. Thoughts?

3. Or do I just buy the VGA adapter and a bluetooth remote?


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I would either use a Mini-Display Port to VGA Adapter to go to the projector or better yet use a VGA to HDMI and connect a Miracast Receiver to the Projector and Project Wirelessly....Offer much more flexibility while presenting...