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Possible to use webcam to video record in background whilst using other apps?


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Hey guys,

I really appreciate if someone can answer this for me. It may be a silly question tbh, however the feature I am looking for is rather a crucial for me before I consider switching from a laptop to surface tab.

I am considering switching to a surface tab as a replacement for my laptop. I mainly use the laptop during lectures to type up notes, excel (office suite). A feature that would be extremely useful for me is the ability to use the rear camera of the tablet to record my lecture in the background whilst I use the other applications such as word. I recently tried using a demo one in store (cant remember which version it was tbh) however I found whenever I switched between the camera app and word, the video recording would be interrupted.. Is this pretty standard with these tablets? (I know I have the same issue with my Iphone), or is this just a settings issue?




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If you were using the Modern UI camera App, then yes it will suspend if not Active (All Modern UI Apps do this except for some of the music apps), you can try Snap or if you are looking at the Pro version you can use a desktop app to record.