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Very helpful new ZOOM add-on for Firefox users...


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Face it, the SP screen is a bit small to view websites at 100% zoom factor. Since pinch-to-zoom is pretty weak on Firefox, you have been relegated to adjusting the zoom on ever site with the good old "Ctrl +" method.

There is an Add-on available which will automatically rezoom every webpage you open to exactly match your browser size and let me tell you, it is a delight. When you download it make sure you read the description so you can understand how it works. Basically, once installed you click the zoom button at the upper right hand side and select the little gear icon for settings. You can then choose "zoom to fit" from the list and you are good to go.

To find it just search Add-ons for "Zoom Page" and it should be near top of the list, or you can just use this link:

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