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Video adapter for Surface PRO


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I just bought a Micro HDMI (Type D) to VGA M/F Adapter off of Amazon for my Surface Pro.

All the reviews said that it worked great for the Surface RT.....

and after opening this for my Pro, i just realize that there is not port to plug this in! The design is different !

Does anyone know where I can purchase a video adapter (to VGA... not HDMI as our work projectors only have the old VGA plugs) that work with the PRO????

Nevermind... i found it on the Microsoft site...
it's a bummer that they made DIFFERENT adapters for RT and PRO!!!!

ANyone know of a 3rd party that sells this for cheaper than $40?

Does anyone know (and can confirm) that the PRO port is just a Minidisplay port / Thunderbolt port?
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plasm0 the Pro has a Mini DisplayPort (not Thunderbolt). It is clearly called out on the specs page and numerous reviews though I can see how you might have got it mixed up with the RT which has micro HDMI.

Surface specifications
Yep, I overlooked that the RT and Pro had different video ports.

Returning the old cable, and found a Mini DisplayPort to Female VGA 3rd party off Amazon for $11 ... will give it a try
Did this work? I just purchased the Pro and the VGA cable is not available yet.

I bought this one, and have it in hand,
Amazon.com: eForCity Mini Display Port to VGA Male / Female Adapter Compatible with Apple® MacBook®, MacBook® Pro, iMac®, MacBook Air®, Mac® Mini Laptop: Computers & Accessories

but haven't had a chance to hook it up at work. I do presentations every 1st monday of the month, and will try it out then.

Tested this week. It works fine on Surface Pro.
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When I bought my Pro, I asked the Microsoft rep at the Best Buy if the adapter that worked with the RT would work with the Pro. He said, "Yes, they are the same Port". Clearly they are not. I can confirm that the Mac mini VGA adapter works with the Pro. I had one, tried it, it works.
Yeah it is well known that the Surface Pro has a minidisplay port. The reason they went this route is that the minidisplay port is capable of driving higher resolutions than the one that the RT has. I bought a minidisplay port to VGA adapter for 6 dollars on ebay and it works perfectly with my screen. I have not yet purchased one that converts to HDMI
Following up, I tried the mac mini to VGA adapter connected to a monitor, and that worked fine. I tried today to connect it to a projector, and it did not work. The Surface pro coudn't fine the projector, and the projector could not find the Pro.
Mini DisplayPort has higher quality then HDMI? I am still waiting on my Pro to come in and use an HDMI mini on my RT, that kind of sucks, I don't want more cables ><.
miniDP on the PRO supports resolutions up to 2560x1440 afaik
one of the reasons i'll get one

But the adapters from DP to HDMI shouldn't be all that expensive