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I'm having a difficult time finding an adapter from USB to VGA (9? Pin). What is everyone else using to hook up to their VGA Monitor?

Also - is there a huge advantage to the docking station vs. just having a USB Hub to hook everything up to?

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If your just hooking up a monitor most are probably using the DisplayPort for that with a DP to VGA adapter. Google Displayport to VGA.
Edit: as Hughlle mentioned the connection on the SP3 is a miniDP, be sure to get the right one if you go this way
Although you could use a USB DisplayLink to VGA adapter these use more CPU resources.

If your making other connections then docking stations are convenient. You have two choices:
The Microsoft Dock or a USB Docking station. the MS Dock is physically larger and more expensive and may have some quality issues. USB Docks are cheaper and smaller but use DisplayLink technology which uses a little more CPU resources. The USB Docks are available with one or two monitor connections with a variety of connections VGA among them.

Google DisplayLink Dock. look for a USB 3.0 version.
A USB 2.0 will work you wouldn't have any higher speed USB 3.0 connections.

The Pluggable UD-3900USB 3.0 docking station is popular. I decided on the Targus version because it lies flat.
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