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VHD stayed after fresh install?!?


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So, my SP3 was starting to majorly slow down on boot-ups and running programs. So I did a fresh install, removed my SD card while doing it. placed the SD card back in and decided to just try and see if OneDrive would save to it before I reset up the VHD. It did without a problem... No issues at all.
Just because I like to know how things work could anyone explain why? I originally had to go through a lot of steps to make it work, figured I would have to do it all over again. I completely formatted the hard drive and did a new install with the SD card removed, actually accidentally installed Windows 8.1 and had to format again and install Windows 10. I did not do any type of restore.
Very happy but also very confused.


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This is going to be a total WAG, but it's possible the settings came back from OneDrive. You should have noticed some other things get synced back too.


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I guess that could explain it, I got nothing else. Pretty cool though. Thanks for the responses, to my totally unimportant inquiry.

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