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Video Driver issue after win 10 tp b 9926


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this was a great tutorial. I'm working with b9926. when the OS finally loads the video drivers obviously need to be updated. what is happening is that the screen flickers a few times and then the system freezes.,

if I try and boot to safe mode then there is a Host failure which just locks the whole thing.,

any thoughts on what may be happening? It is more than likely a driver issue, but getting to the Device manager so that I can update the driver is a challenge.

I followed this instruction set. which is great BTW.



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I had this problem too, so I re-installed, and "unchecked" the "automatically update drivers" selection, and then updated to the latest driver from the intel site for the 4200 series laptop ending in .4080 (can't locate where I got this info atm, so sorry no credit to the real advice-giver) Also, this is pretty early in my testing, but I'm not getting the flashing/hanging/rebooting I was when I first installed b9926

I haven't tried this: http://www.surfaceforums.net/threads/windows-10-on-surface-pro-3.11828/page-62#post-110724

But everything else I've done that's been advised by sharpcolorado has been on point.

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