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Surface pro 4 USB Port, Type Cover stopped working after Win - Update


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A friend of mine sold me a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 i7 16G RAM 512GB SSD cheap because it stopped partly working after he was updating to the lastest firmware.

The USB Port and Type Cover is working normally when booting into the UEFI, it stops working after booting into Windows.

What I tried to do (and didn´t help) was updating Windows 10 to the lastest Insider Preview 20241.1005

What also doesn´t work is to restore it with a factory image from a USB stick. I was using the recovery image from this link: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/surfacerecoveryimage
It is properly recorgnizing the usb stick and boots into the recovery menu, but It fails to restore from usb.

Does somebody know how I can restore the image from the internal ssd? (Will this might fix the issue?)

How can I downgrade the BIOS and all the other drivers? (Like I´ve mentioned earlier, everything was working before the automatic update happened)

Model Surface Pro 4
System UEFI 108.2706.768
SAM Controller 103.1837.257
Intel Manangement Engine
Touch Firmware
System Embedded Controller 103.2851.256
Infineon dTPM 5.62.3126.2

Link to a picture of my UEFI (direct upload didnt work)

I really hope that someone can help me - of course also in exchange for some coffees

Best regards from Austria


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Has anyone found a solution to this issue? I have experienced the issue with 2 different keyboards that are both known working. I have also noticed that the keyboard will work some of the time although after performing a restart it will stop working. I have also noticed that the keyboard will usually start working after entering the bios, turning off the type cover option, booting into windows then restarting and entering the bios and re-enabling the type cover.

Thank you in advance,
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