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Volume and screen slider appears and the disappears right away?


Has anyone else noticed this... swipe in from right, choose settings, select either volume or screen setting and the control slider appears and then disappears immediately. Second click pretty much always work fine.
mine does disappear immediately but it looks to me to be intentional. if you tap and hold on first tap, your finger is right on the control ready to slide and the slider control # for volume shows up as you start sliding. screen brightness goes up and down for the other slider. IMO, appears to me to be optimized for speedy change ...
I just noticed that on my Samsung Series 7 slate, which is running Windows 8 Pro, the volume and screen slider does NOT appear and then immediately disappear when touched in the same way it does on my Surface RT. That's why I was having such a hard time getting used to it. Weird!
elee532, what's weird is everybody except for you and me is reporting their volume and screen sliders stays when ours disappears :)