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Waiting for My Surface RT


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Looking forward to the arrival of my RT. I heard alot about the bad 'ol RT, but jumped at the offer to buy one for $187 with a touch key board. :) !


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The MS Windows RT arrived on time and in great condition. Refurbished signs were removed and it looks unhandled. Have been discovering the many features. Also learning Widows 8 at the same time, and there is alot that I like so far. Speed is amazing, compared to my desktop XP of 8 years. I am using a $10 wireless mouse and it works great. I ordered a Monoprice 6ft Ultra Slim 36AWG High Speed w/ Ethernet Micro-HDMI (Type D) to HDMI (Type A) w/Redmere Cable), product ID 9923, to hook-up to my LED TV. Also ordered a NewEgg SanDisk Ultra 16 GB microSD High Capacity (microSDHC), inventory # 105153752.
The RT hooked-up seamlessly with my HP Photosmart 7525 printer, and Comcast router/modem.
I'm still smiling!


Congratulations on your purchase. I hope it serves you long and well.
Here are a few links that I hope you find helpful.
This is a thread reviewing assorted cases and sleeves. (I recommend the O-Sky Case and Sol bag.)
This thread is about a must have accessory.
This a blog post notes many of the keyboard short cuts.
And lastly, I know you mentioned that you already have a mouse, but I would like to recommend the Logitech Anyware MX. I won’t get into it here, but it really is a very good mouse.


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I wonder what the prices will be after the Surface 2's drop? I know people say the Tegra3 is under powered but I always found it great for zombie-killing games. I would buy one at that price just to kill zombies for 9 hours at a time with....
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