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Wake after sleep driving me nuts...


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Installed Windows 10 a month or so ago, things have been overall pretty smooth except for one nagging issue that's driving me NUTS.

For whatever reason, when I attempt to wake my SP3, nothing will happen. Press power button again, nothing happens. Press and hold power button. Nothing happens. Press and hold longer. Nothing happens. Plug charger in, wait a second, press power button few more times, FINALLY "Surface" logo appears, and it's starting to boot up now. Even though I've put it on SLEEP prior, it's still restarting.

Now, that's not to say that it doesn't come awake from sleep as it should most of the time; but this issue is occurring enough to make it an extreme annoyance.

I am well aware of the sP3's 'low-power' state that's enabled after 4 hours of sleep, but this has ocurred well within the 4 hours. I do have hibernation enabled on my Sp3, but after pressing power button once it should bring it out of hibernation. I have not messed with the Hyper-V settings, so whatever the Sp3 comes with default, that's what I have it set on. I also wake up to phantom battery drains, extremely hot back panel, unintentional wakes, and other fun things. The power settings have been an issue for me since day 1.

I wish it would just function like my iPad. Unless I press that frickin' button, it will STAY ON STANDBY and wake upon demand, and stay sleeping throughout the night, etc... Oh how I wish...

Any ideas how to fix this problem? Thank you.
Have you run a Sleep Study? The SP3 is not an iPad, it will always be an Ultrabook in tablet form running a full desktop OS.