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Wake on power?


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Is it possible to have my Surface Pro automatically wake up from sleep or hibernation when I plug in the power?

I have my SP set up to be a synthesizer, connected to a midi-keyboard, and I want to turn everything on with a power switch on the wall socket. At the moment I have to switch on the wall socket, press the power button on the SP, login, and start the software. I can probably automate everything except for the pressing of the power button. Do you know if this is possible?


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I doubt it. It is pretty normal that if an electronic device has a power on/off switch that requires you to press for on to need to press it once power is applied to it. I guess your other devices have a power on/off switch that can be set in the on position. You could work around it by plugging your Surface into a different live circuit and leave it powered on but even than it would go to sleep at some point in time and require you to login anyway after a period of time.


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I think what Laban77 is looking for is what's on standard desktops. The ability to wake on power restore. Something I've used when power goes out, computers die, and when power is restored want them to startup automatically. This is usually a bios setting, however if you look at the bios for the Surface, there are limited options and this isn't one of them. Not sure if laptops do this or just desktops as these devices have battery power so think this is where the Surface tablet becomes more of a tablet and less of a workstation as far as functionality. We looked for this as well as using these as kiosk computers at my organization and if power goes out, and the battery doesn't sustain, wanted them to self power on. Could not find it.