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Want a tablet to connect to a projector wirelessly for a classroom...


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Hey SF.net,

I am currently testing out a Surface Pro to see if it fits my needs, but I can't seem to find a relatively simple solution for what my initial intention of it was (and what I initially thought would be easy to set up).

Basically, I am a math teacher, and I want to treat it this as my pseudo whiteboard and wirelessly project it with the in-class projector. OneNote seems like it's perfect for this, especially since I can save/email the notes as PNG's and can organize notes pretty well. Also, it'll be nice to have a pseudo personal whiteboard for when I help students individually, or can run math programs with them on the spot or at their desk (an unnecessary but fun luxury).

My first question is...if it IS possible, is there similarly an Android solution (for example, Samsung's Note 10.1) either via apps or otherwise? I like the exquisite stylus support for writing purposes with SP, but I'm not sure I need all the processing power that bumps the cost up so much.

I originally though it wouldn't be possible to do what I wanted to do with the Android OS...so I wanna make sure that assumption is correct. I'd much rather pay half the cost for similar functionality, considering i'm not looking for an all-in-one solution (math programs are more so a luxury...not worth double the cost to me).

Second, how do I go about doing this? Especially without purchasing things like wireless projectors and the like? The classroom already has a PC, which is connected via LAN, and the projector is connected to it via VGA.

Finally, I was wondering...I had a professor who had tablet software that allowed him to write on the screen whenever, to highlight things in math programs or on webpages...does anyone know what sorts of software might do that, or how to do that natively with the hardware.

Thank you for any assistance you all may provide!
Welcome Armenix, the short answer is yes you should be able to do all of this from either Surface and many Android devices. You might want to check out this thread which is exploring the same issue for wireless screen mirroring (think Apple's Airplay) http://www.surfaceforums.net/forum/microsoft-surface-help/4616-screen-mirroring-surface.html.

1. You can use a capacative stylus to write on the Surface RT and many Android tablets but the Surface Pro and Note 10.1 feature an active digitizer which improves accuracy, allows for palm rejection and has a right click function to improve the inking experience. If you need the digitizer but not the processing power the Samsung Note 10.1 may be the way to go.

1 a. Yes you can do this in Android though you will need to confirm how the Samsung works with wireless screen mirroring.

2. You have a couple of options for the connection either through the PC or wirelesly to the projector with the use of an adapter. What version of Windows is the PC running?

3. Yes there are apps that do that as well as native apps (such as OneNote) that allow inking over the other items on the screen.
Thanks for the very thorough and rapid reply, J515OP!

I will have to investigate a bit more what you said once i'm off work later tonight, but I at least wanted to tell you that the PC's at the school run windows 7. I had heard there were special adapters, but I wasnt sure what would or wouldnt be necessary. I can likely hook up a router or something if needed as well since its a direct LAN connection to the desktop computer....would have to test it, though.

I was also initially looking at that Samsung 10.1 as well...i got to be hands on with a lot of tablets, and these two stuck out....but I ended up taking the SP home at the time to see what it was capable of. I do feel the active digitizer/palm technology is rather essential, and its cool that its on both.

If you have anything to add from this further information let me know. I will more appropriately address some of the other information when I have the time to later tonight.

Thanks so much thusfar!
The Samsung Ativ PC Pro has WiDi.
That will give you full Win8 functionality so you can use OneNote with the Samsung S Pen, which is pretty much the same as the Surface Pro pen.

I wish the SP had WiDi too, but MS decided not to use the Intel wireless for some reason went with the Marvell (not sure if it was a cost decision or compatibility reason).

But, you would need to purchase a WiDi receiver and connect it to your projector.

If the PC in the room is already connected to the projector, you could remote into the PC via any tablet over wifi.
Not sure how inking would work through a remote session though... both in terms of apps recognizing the pen input (some apps differentiate between mouse and pen, and the remote session might just send everything as a mouse command) and also any lag.
In response to both of you,

So I had the chance to look a bit more into things (still researching, though), and thus far I have found at least one option that should (theoretically) work for either one. There is a program/app called Teamviewer, and it is essentially a remote access program, as you were mentioning Riggi. I tested it, and It works rather flawlessly with the WSP, including the inking! Only the tiniest bit of delay! There is the respective android app that would allow me to similarly remotely access the tablet, but it supposedly only works for Samsung devices (at least the desktop access to tablet feature, which is what I need). I don't have a Samsung device, so I couldn't test how it actually works with it.

As far as I have been able to find, I cannot find another way to mirror an android tablet thus far.

Windows devices also have the option of a USB port device that wirelessly connects to an HDMI source (i think you mentioned such the linked thread, J5), but that process seems rather cumbersome, as the wireless device plugged into the HDMI source has to have a power source, and there's a big piece of hardware hanging out of the tablet. No bueno. Is this the only hardware-oriented solution?

Also, thanks for mentioning the Samsung Ativ, but its a bit out of my price range.

Finally, anyone have any opinions of the S-note software vs OneNote? They both seem like powerful tools, but I haven't had the chance to play with S-note as much as I'd like.
Armenix, I am also a math teacher and have a Samsung 10.1. I move from one classroom to another to teach. Each of the classrooms has a computer and ceiling projector. I am very much hoping to use the tablet to be able to display from anywhere in the room (as I move around a lot).
Your post is about a year old and I would love to learn what you have tried. What worked and what didn't.
I'm looking into a Netgear PTV3000 or Action Tec Screen Beam Pro adaptor. Seen them both in video running on Surface RT and Pro. I also know that Windows 8.1 supports Miracast which would not require the adaptor if the TV screen or whatever supports it. Microsoft is also working on an adaptor for wireless projection. These two adaptors, receiving a signal from a Windows 8.1 device with a wireless card is a $60 to $70 item.