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Want to Buy Windows RT Tablet, But Which ?


the surface has suit all of my needs so far. I can use my iphone to tether if I was in a place with no wifi. Almost anyplace I go has wifi though. The expandable memory and usb is a plus and I can just drag files over very easily and free up space on my surface.


i want to buy in the next 1-2 weeks a tablet pc.
my favourite is the microsoft surface rt. it looks nice, has office, a cover with integrated keyboard a full size usb, but i heared that the tegra 3 processor is a bit "slow" and the display resolution is low.
there are other tablets with android or ios (i dont like ios) but from the design looks the surface best.

have you any recommendations for me for a good windows rt tabelt ?

the surface pro is to expensive (about 900 dollars, which mean about 900 euro) and to heavy (about 900g).

i want a tablet with full size usb, windows rt and office. i would use it a bit to write some notes etc in school or at the university.

ps: sorry for my bad english, i am from germany.

I think which tablet to buy is simple. How long to wait and what is your budget. I bought the Surface RT 32 gb, did not want to wait for the Pro, and did not want to spend the extra on more ram.


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I mentioned this in another post, but I don't find the Tegra underpowered if gaming is not your primary purpose. Here is the level of multitasking I was doing -

- using the RT browser with 4 tabs open (one of them to write this message)
- using the desktop browser to run a flash player of my favorite radio station
- Skype is open where I am taking calls and messaging people from work
- email app is open where I am doing both work and personal email (2 accounts)
- calendar app is open and have scheduled two meetings
- Word is open in desktop mode where I am working on a document
- task manager is open to check on utilization

I am getting all my notifications - Email, Skype, and from the calendar. Utilization ranges from 20+% with spikes up to 80%. No noticeable lag or anything that has made things unproductive. Combined with the stand and the type keyboard, the Surface is fully useable for me as a laptop replacement when travelling.

I don't know any other tablet that can multitask to this level, as well as take advantage of flash and Microsoft Office.

The only time I have seen performance issues is on graphic heavy games, and even then it was manageable.