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Warning: Don't Use Your Surface In Public If You Don't Want To Be Bothered


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Ok, the title is a bit facetious, but I have found that the Surface is a great conversation starter. Every single time I use it in public someone invariably comments on or asks about it. Usually multiple people.

Last night I was sitting at a bar catching up on some emails when a fellow sat down next to me and started asking me about it. He then got up and went to get his wife to come over and look at it as she had seen the tv ads and was thinking about buying one. I spent the next several minutes showing it to her and answering her questions. I even let her play with it for a couple of minutes. She was convinced she was going to buy one.

After that I went back to my emails. A few minutes later a fellow truck driver came over and asked what kind of laptop I was using. Another conversation of several minutes ensued. He was also quite impressed with the Surface.

This is the sort of thing that seems to happen every time I pull out the Surface in a public place. If I want to be left alone with some quiet time I either don't use the Surface or I find a quiet, out of the way corner in which to use it.

But most of the time I just answer the questions and show off the Surface.


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LOL a few days ago I bought a blue Touch Cover for it to replace the (in IMHO) crappy black one that came with it. Now it's even worse. The blue cover catches people's attention even faster. Today I had my truck in the shop for some minor repairs and was using my Surface in the break room when one of the mechanics came in and zeroed in on the Surface and just had to know all about it.
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At work today we had a large 70+ page paper for the print shop to print. I brought it there on my RT and the CSR viewed it on my RT before taking it off on a thumb drive. She was impressed and said it was the first time she had seen a Surface. One more fan...


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In my 25 year history with the DoD I'd say they have always been very pro-Microsoft.
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