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Skype (video calling) Surface Pro to iPad not working!


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Came home from a holiday and tried calling my girlfriend over Skype on the Surface for the first time. It rang her end, she hit answer, and... it hung up. So I told her to try calling me instead. It rang my end, I hit answer, and... it hung up, and tried calling her!? However everytime I rang her after that, it popped up after a couple of seconds saying, "There's been a problem with a microphone" (can't remember if it was pointing towards hers or mine) she tried ringing me many times but always the same.

Unforunately I had to give up and use FaceTime (from iPhone to iPad) which I was utterly gutted about as we have a bit of a Microsoft Vs. Apple battle going on between us! This time I had to give in and say that Apple won...

Can anyone help me win the next battle lol!?
I've Skyped with my mom and no issues....and she's tethering too. She has the iPad Mini and I used my Surface and worked just fine.
Your next battle could be Google vs. Microsoft :D

On topic, I have been using Skype on my Surface RT and Xperia V with any issues, thus far. No fruity experience, sorry.
I skype with an iPad "3" almost nightly. No issues, apart from a slow connection at times.
Oh, it's a shame everyone elses is working lol... guess I'll just have to stick to FaceTime for the time being then.

I don't know what end the problem is but if it's Surface end, perhaps 8.1 will bring the solution! Thanks for your input though everyone.