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Waterproof cases


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I just purchased a Surface Pro 2 (I love this thing!) and want to protect it if I take it places it might get wet. Has anyone found a good waterproof case for it yet? I saw this bag Amazon.com: Black/Blue 10.1 inch Waterproof Tablet Pouch Dry Bag Case: Computers & Accessories and this case Amazon.com: Pyle PWSIC30 Universal Waterproof Sport Case with Headphone Jack for all iPads, Tablet PCs and eReaders - 1 Pack - Retail Packaging - Black: MP3 Players & Accessories on Amazon. I'm looking for less bulky and good protection, and don't mind paying for it. Thanks for any suggestions y'all have!


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I've been looking for one too. I bought a DryCase for tablets but within two weeks it was no longer air tight and one of the snaps that keeps it closed broke off. I just want to read in the bathtub so I do not need anything fancy. Most of the bags I see do not look long enough for a Surface.


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I'd be concerned about heat with the Pro in one of those bags. If the fans kick on I can imagine the surface getting very hot, very quickly.