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Weather app... is there a way to auto-refresh?


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Something I loved about the Start Screen was having all the Tiles auto-refresh by themselves, so when I looked my Surface I knew all the latest things whether it be the news, what's new in the Store, and of course, the weather.

Now I can't simply leave the Start Screen active (unless there's a way to do this on a second screen only?) I thought a solution would be to leave the Windows 10 Weather app open... but it doesn't auto-refresh, meaning you still have to click something to see the latest temperature, which of course takes away from the convenience of just glancing over.

Is there a way to do this, or any other solution?


Mine does auto refresh but if I shut my device down, it takes about an hour before it kicks in.

Here are the two screens it cycles through.


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Thanks, but what I mean is actually having the app fully open on a separate screen, not actually the Tile, which does also auto-update for me :)
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