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Website video will not play

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Hello everyone,
just got this cool surface tablet.... I'm trying to stay away from apple products.

I can't get videos to run from Model Railroader Magazine - Model Railroading, Model Trains, Reviews, Track Plans, Forums. The error message is "server network failed or because the format is not supported".

Any idea how to fix this? Magazines are moving to more video type data to keep their existence.

link for the error comes from
http://aws.trains.com.s3.amazonaws.com/mrr/video/MRR122012 Codys Office 153 December 20 .mp4

Thanks for any help
Don Carman
Hi Don,

you'll have to add the page and/or the amazon cloud-domain to a white-list, so your IE will play this properly. To figure out, how to get things working, please have a look here.

I'll close this thread, because this problem is answered on numerous other threads.

BTW: Welcome to this forum :)
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